Amazing Amethyst

If you love Semiprecious Gemstones as I do then I'm almost sure you love Amethyst. Amethyst Gemstone is natural hue of different shades of purple 💜 and we'll used in many different things throughout The World. Said to have many prosperous and healing attributes I find Amethyst Clusters on my list to hoard lol. Over... Continue Reading →

Benefits Of A Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamps have been on the market for some time now. From the moment I have been able to find them I always keep a couple in my home. The beautiful calming glow it gives off sitting in the window or on a nightstand is super pleasant. I can recall waking up in the... Continue Reading →

Loved Trips To The Farmers Market

Getting Farm fresh fruits, nuts and veggies brings joy to the heart always. A trip to The Farmers Market is so fun and exciting, I am so thrilled to see what I can fill my basket up with to take home. One of the best things is everything is considered "Farm To Table" and freshly... Continue Reading →

The “Smart Band”

Love this! Such an awesome gift from my Spouse. I recently received this Smart Band Fitness Tracker and must say that it is very important and much needed to have. This tracks things like blood pressure and even how many steps you take daily! It has an app that can be downloaded to your phone... Continue Reading →

Avon TBT- Vintage Beauty Product Throw Back!

All I can say is WOW! These few Avon products right here are true throwbacks. While digging through an old towns quaint cute little thrift shop these were found. I've owned these for about 14-15 years now from being an avid thrift shop lover and goer, I find all kind of items that prove dear... Continue Reading →

Accessorized With Green!

Oh how us women love to dazzle! Sometimes we have pieces that are cute but different in style and color and that makes our ootd all the better. It's kinda nice to find olive green trinkets they're not sold everywhere.  Luckily a few searches on Amazon seals the deal for  fun olive green accessories with... Continue Reading →

Style Scent of The Day. Versace Red Jeans

A lovely vibrant floral Scent. Versus Versace Red Jeans. 

On The Go Necessities

During the errands run thingy or the long trips away from home, there are a few items that are total must have in the bag necessities that I love to have on person at all times. Some of these items include hand sanitizer! Yes I need my hand sanitizer ever been digging through a dusty... Continue Reading →

The Cantina- Nachos Please!

  Delicious! The first word that comes to mind when thinking about a recent road trip through PA. Stopping off and having a sit down Gigantic plate of authentic style nachos supreme with all the trimmings. After being on the road hungry for a few hours this was a well awaited meal. Every ounce of... Continue Reading →

DIY – Kiss Gel Nail Kit A Hit

It is the weekend and as a woman who loves to doll up and always have my nails pretty, I couldn't be more happy that I grabbed this Kiss Gel Nail Kit recently from #Walmart. Over the years I have been trying many Kiss nail kits such as the Acrylic Kit as well. Now, any... Continue Reading →

A Scenic Train Ride

Does it get any better than this for a family outing on an old Steam Engine Train? Maybe. The cruise and the view alone really really put this trip at the top of our list of things to do for a most memorable experience. Pictures just can't explain how it feels to glide along the... Continue Reading →

Backyard chill and Hydration with Bai…Yum!

What a refreshing way to spend a hot Summer afternoon in the backyard with Bai Antioxidant Molokai Coconut Water 💦 this drink is so tasty and rich in flavor that you can actually feel the dehydration being washed away as you sip. During hot and tropical months it is always nice to have those cool... Continue Reading →

Cooking with fresh vegetables

Having a well balanced diet has been the goal of many for eons, not just for weight loss but in order to get our daily supply of vitamins and minerals. Here is an illustrated view of just cooking with fresh raw veggies that provides a good sorce of nutritional value. What I found from just... Continue Reading →

Meanwhile at the Ranch (Peek of the day)

What a way to spend an awesome sunny Saturday by browsing over the faces of a few horsies. Do you ride? Riding horses is a fun and exhilerating sport if even done for a few minutes. To have control over a 1,000 lb animal is power and it must be used with caution. So my... Continue Reading →

Beaded jewelry trend Summer 2019

It is has been no surprise that the oh so loved seed bead jewelry would become a favorite and currently trending on Amazon. Many have been crafting this style of jewelry for centuries with it's origins in Africa and Native America. The creative and meticulous designs have not only been known for it's unique beauty... Continue Reading →

It’s time for take off !

Take Coco with ya!

What lady cannot live without some piece of fashion on her trip?! It doesn't matter if it's designer or a casual do up favorite item there are just some drops of fashion that always make the scenery look good and we injected Chanel into the mix here. Fashion and travel never go out of style... Continue Reading →

That Zen Life

A wise person learns to release all resistance and therefore allow the flow of good prana through. Don't forget about to the fullest! Be Zenful!

On The Delaware River

How about this lovely view and serene setting! This is the product of a road trip in Pennsylvania. USA, The area is Poconos and just about anywhere you relax at in the beautiful Poconos will almost offer you a wonderful setting. We pulled up chairs, spent hours thinking, reading a book and waving our toes... Continue Reading →

The Lake View (of all lake views)…

Serenity (n) : the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. Spending a few moments at the lake in the midst of a busy day makes the day better. ✨✨✨Serenity Definition

What A Veggie Burger!

Would you believe this is a Veggie Burger? Mouth dripping savory taste at it's best, this Burger was so good and light. The best thing is the overload of veggies it was made with and to top it off a layer of Guacamole 🥑😋😉  

Hats like a Royal

With all the beautiful and flowery fashion hats we just seen at the #Royalwedding it only magnified the love for big eye catching, Royal Style, Derby style, fashionable hats! Would you like to get the look for less? Ladies fashion hats come in all styles, colors and sizes some least expensive and some the price... Continue Reading →

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