The Color is Oxblood

Oxblood 🐂 in Autumn! A deep 🍷 wine colored burgundy that exudes warmth and a tone for the season. Not everyday will you be in the mood for a dark rich pigmented color that looks like you ate many plums and dowsed yourself in cranberry juice! I'm here to let you know this is one... Continue Reading →

Red My Mind….

Red Alert here🚨 We are just about almost out of Summertime OMG! I can say what fun I have had with a red lip on a hot Summer's Eve out on the Town with Hubby or a day at the beach. Red is just hands down sexy and fun, there comes a time when I... Continue Reading →

DIY – Kiss Gel Nail Kit A Hit

It is the weekend and as a woman who loves to doll up and always have my nails pretty, I couldn't be more happy that I grabbed this Kiss Gel Nail Kit recently from #Walmart. Over the years I have been trying many Kiss nail kits such as the Acrylic Kit as well. Now, any... Continue Reading →

Hydrate the skin year around.

Avène Thermal Spring Water ahh refreshing! Wherever you are this is a fav for the bag or purse. A splash of mist to cool off and hydrate that is infused with pure rain, sea salts, rich minerals and spring water from Cèvennes Mountains in Avène,France. Great to travel with, it is in a aerosol form … Continue reading Hydrate the skin year around.

Almond Body Butter Yum.

How about a body butter to pack in the carry on? If so here's a few details. This savory smooth almond butter by The Body Shop is ideal for long travel and maintaining skin moisture. What we have learned here is you can pack a travel size about 2 oz and the amount of skin... Continue Reading →

Exquisite Eyelashes

Do you wear eyelashes? If so have you found your favorite brand or a favorite way to get them on and stay on? You can find different brands and styles of eyelashes and eyelash extensions everywhere it just depends on how much you want to invest in your lashes. Many lashes will last a long... Continue Reading →

Eye C U 2!

Since color compliments life then we can surely say your eyes are the seat of your soul and beauty! Its written all over your face YES it is and your eyes say all they need to say about you. Do you know how to spruce up your eyes? What color are your eyes and how... Continue Reading →


Gotta have them on a beautiful sunny day looking inconspicuous and sassy. Whether sunglasses or reading glasses they all prove to be sexy and classy eye candy. Yes, CAZALS from the 80's or Big Chanel frames with double CC's ya gotta love em and can't live without em....So put cha stunna shades on it's a... Continue Reading →

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