Clutch the pearls

All I can say is I love pearls! What a better gem for a woman to wear. Fresh from the bottom of the ocean we have been gifted with a token of love from Mother Nature herself PEARLS!. An oyster does the incubating and cooking then hands us all these out of the world beautiful... Continue Reading →

Tribal Adornment

From the ages of time women have adorned themselves with tribal jewelry that was either passed down from generation to generation or handmade in their tribe. Tribal jewelry carries some serious significance because each piece is unique no two pieces are alike. Many cultures have used real authentic stones and gems found in nature! they... Continue Reading →

Big BOLD Bangles

Its all about Bangles and more Bangles. The bigger the better and bolder or the smaller the sleeker and simple. No matter how many you wear or if you wear only one, bangles add that extra pizazz to your other accessories and clothing. Just like your purse and your shoes make a difference. I'm here... Continue Reading →

Statement Jewelry

Its all about Big,Bold and Chunky jewelry! Don't know about you but when I get dressed I am always ready to step out in jewelry that makes a statement. What a good way to add a little fun and accentuate your look with nothing other than breathtaking STATEMENT JEWELRY! So the next time you get... Continue Reading →

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