It’s time for take off !

Take Coco with ya!

What lady cannot live without some piece of fashion on her trip?! It doesn't matter if it's designer or a casual do up favorite item there are just some drops of fashion that always make the scenery look good and we injected Chanel into the mix here. Fashion and travel never go out of style... Continue Reading →

On The Delaware River

How about this lovely view and serene setting! This is the product of a road trip in Pennsylvania. USA, The area is Poconos and just about anywhere you relax at in the beautiful Poconos will almost offer you a wonderful setting. We pulled up chairs, spent hours thinking, reading a book and waving our toes... Continue Reading →

The Lake View (of all lake views)…

Serenity (n) : the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. Spending a few moments at the lake in the midst of a busy day makes the day better. ✨✨✨Serenity Definition

Hats like a Royal

With all the beautiful and flowery fashion hats we just seen at the #Royalwedding it only magnified the love for big eye catching, Royal Style, Derby style, fashionable hats! Would you like to get the look for less? Ladies fashion hats come in all styles, colors and sizes some least expensive and some the price... Continue Reading →

Happy Cinco De Mayo

Style Travel Glow would like to extend a Happy Cinco De Mayo to it's readers. In whichever way you celebrate we hope that it is safe and most importantly fun. 

By the lake

Sometimes a day goes by and we've forgotten to live. Not to often can you just pull up and have a seat at a lake bench. Just in case you are able to grasp days like this or have  them at your disposal, pull up, sit and chill. Sweet tea, water or a cool drink... Continue Reading →

Just go

Born 2012 Back 2017 Rebirth 2018

After a 5 year hiatus the blog is back and up, as 2017 exits I look forward to sharing many fun pictures of travel, fashion and uplifting life moment with you. Goodbye 2017 and hello to a Style Travel Glow rebirth of 2018. I hope your year will be prosperous, memorable and made with the... Continue Reading →

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