Swan and The Lake

Standing here trying to capture pictures of this swan and the background scenery at this time of year; reminds me of some scene out of "On Golden Pond" or something lol. First thought is how I'm always saying crawl into a picture and then I'm actually standing in a picturesque environment. I pinch myself because... Continue Reading →

Bridging The Gap

There is just beauty everywhere and today I'm starting right here at this Bridge. A long drive through Pennsylvania not only is fun if your enjoying all the natural scenery it's dynamic! The historical landmarks and long standing places alone makes it movie scene worthy. Coming to a street and then stopping at what looks... Continue Reading →

Passenger 3 Is A Refreshing Pink Drink

The days just keep getting filled with more precious cargo lol! OMG, I was persuaded by My Dear Daughter to try a Starbucks Pink Drink and I love it! Upon her walking out of the coffee shop with two gigantic drinks in hand; I was thinking "Now what is this hmm it looks good". As She... Continue Reading →

The Cantina- Nachos Please!

  Delicious! The first word that comes to mind when thinking about a recent road trip through PA. Stopping off and having a sit down Gigantic plate of authentic style nachos supreme with all the trimmings. After being on the road hungry for a few hours this was a well awaited meal. Every ounce of... Continue Reading →

A Scenic Train Ride

Does it get any better than this for a family outing on an old Steam Engine Train? Maybe. The cruise and the view alone really really put this trip at the top of our list of things to do for a most memorable experience. Pictures just can't explain how it feels to glide along the... Continue Reading →

Meanwhile at the Ranch (Peek of the day)

What a way to spend an awesome sunny Saturday by browsing over the faces of a few horsies. Do you ride? Riding horses is a fun and exhilerating sport if even done for a few minutes. To have control over a 1,000 lb animal is power and it must be used with caution. So my... Continue Reading →

By the lake

Sometimes a day goes by and we've forgotten to live. Not to often can you just pull up and have a seat at a lake bench. Just in case you are able to grasp days like this or have  them at your disposal, pull up, sit and chill. Sweet tea, water or a cool drink... Continue Reading →

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