Roses Hairpin- DIY

The ultimate sexiness is a flower adorned in your hair. It lets everyone know that you feel vibrant, joyful, happy and full of spice for life YES! Getting these flower looks are not hard at all as a matter a fact if you want to DIY then here's what you do. Go visit your local... Continue Reading →

Had A Hawk Yet?

From the images of Mohawk Native Americans to the hands of our hairdressers "The Mohawk" has become a hot look! You can rock "The Mohawk" in a HighHawk, Frohawk, Braidhawk, FlatHawk and Curlyhawk you name it with its signature sides pinned up to get the classic look. Not much to say here BUT have plenty... Continue Reading →

Rock an UpDO

Ever have those days when you are just rushing and can't seem to fix your hair in your elongated style like you normally do? I'm sure a lot of women love the flat iron look but don't have the time or can't quite get the hair to act right on certain days. So, I have... Continue Reading →

Head wraps, Turbans and Head Scarfs

Head and hair adornment added with a touch of class and fashion. Turbans/Head Wraps/Head Scarfs are a lovely way to keep your coif concealed in bad cold weather and also add nobility to your look. You can adorn a turban anytime of the year, the best turbans are your own hand picked material and patterns!... Continue Reading →

Work that mane!

There is nothing like a good hair day! And there is nothing like a bad hair day I'm sure all women have experienced both. But the free styled fun and voluminous mane that looks naturally healthy, shiny and sophisticated expresses your appearance the most...Hair is the first thing a person sees when they look at... Continue Reading →

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