The Color is Oxblood

Oxblood 🐂 in Autumn! A deep 🍷 wine colored burgundy that exudes warmth and a tone for the season. Not everyday will you be in the mood for a dark rich pigmented color that looks like you ate many plums and dowsed yourself in cranberry juice! I'm here to let you know this is one... Continue Reading →

On The Go Necessities

During the errands run thingy or the long trips away from home, there are a few items that are total must have in the bag necessities that I love to have on person at all times. Some of these items include hand sanitizer! Yes I need my hand sanitizer ever been digging through a dusty... Continue Reading →

Lip candy RED ALERT! 🚨

Anyone who fancies makeup or wears cosmetics, there is always something we look for! It is a screaming hot fire cracker, fire starter, strawberry, cherry, look at me twice STOP the press, STOP SIGN red lippy. On this post I share with you a current favorite and that is #Rimmellondon #Staymatte #Firestarter #redmatteliquidlipstick it is... Continue Reading →

Glitter. Shimmer. Brights?

The eye shadow colors and pallettes that are being produced are truly fun and magical. What I have been noticing is the compact sizes that are great for travel and make-up bag carrying. These pallettes are cute and hits the target with the daily mood. Shimmer, Brights and Glitter? Fantastic! You get all three from... Continue Reading →

Spice up the game face

What would a woman do without adding any kind of color or life to her hue? Whether you wear lipstick, eye shadow, foundation or eyelashes its all a part of you! You are who you present to the world daily, many will go over the top to create the perfect game face to step out... Continue Reading →

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