Travel Studded Handbags

Oh how cute and fun these studded bags are and it doesn't matter the name or the style as long as cuteness overrides. One thing I notice is that studded bags are a hard find but; thanks to online stores you can get your hands on just about anyone you want. From all colors and... Continue Reading →

Fringe factor

Just HOTT! HAUTE! HAWYT! however you want to say it these bags are sassy and cute! There are a few sexy ways to dress up your daily gear with a fringe bag, you can wear it cross your shoulders, hanging parallel off your shoulder or close under the arm for added sexiness. Sometimes you don't... Continue Reading →

The Clutch Purse

Its nothing sexier than getting all dressed up and pulling out that cute and chic clutch purse to add flavor to your shoes and your clothing. The clutch purse has been around for a long time back in the day women rocked big flat vinyl clutches in unique colors with wooden handles or stainless steel... Continue Reading →

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