Tea and Mountain Mornings!

The bliss and peace fullness of a crispy mountain morning in Autumn 🍁 can almost not be put in to words it must be experienced. So today I experience this morning with a nice hot spicey cup of tea from Back to the land! They say tea gives your soul a bath I don't argue... Continue Reading →

Autumn Feet🍁

OMG! πŸƒπŸ‚πŸŒΏπŸ If you're on the East Coast of United States you are probably getting the whimsical feel and jaw dropping awe of Mother Nature literally sprinkling burst of color everywhere! It looks just magical outdoors it makes the heart flutter with all the oranges, gold's, yellows, neon greens and burgundy. It's just imperative that... Continue Reading →

Orange Crush

Autumn really makes orange come aliveπŸπŸ‚πŸπŸŽƒI tell ya it's the only timeof year that I go looking for Orange any and everything in fashion. So today I share with you Orange CrushπŸŽƒ sweet pumpkins and oh my gourds. Why can't Autumn last forever 😌 Suddenly going outside just walking around in Awe tends to chase... Continue Reading →

The Blueprint

On some days you get up feeling great and it's one color that sticks to the psyche today for me it's πŸ’™BlueπŸ’™. Vibrant and lively this color is singing a sweet song today that says "Wear Me" and it's blue with snakeskin print. I mean in fashion style is everything heck it's 70% of why... Continue Reading →

Throwback For Tiffany Blue πŸ’™

The little blue bag and little blue box is something that almost all ladies love to have. Fashionably speaking how can one not love anything Tiffany and Co. For some reason when most ladies see that Tiffany Blue in the form of a gift or treating oneself it's more than welcomed. There was always a... Continue Reading →

The Color is Oxblood

Oxblood πŸ‚ in Autumn! A deep 🍷 wine colored burgundy that exudes warmth and a tone for the season. Not everyday will you be in the mood for a dark rich pigmented color that looks like you ate many plums and dowsed yourself in cranberry juice! I'm here to let you know this is one... Continue Reading →

Happy Labor Day- Street Corn Style!

Today is a great day for many in United States of America to celebrate Labor Day all throughout the Land. Many depending on what part of USA their in will pull out the BBQ grills πŸ–, music 🎡 ,booze 🍺 and sit around and fellowship! However, there is always that one item on the menu that we all... Continue Reading →

Grab A Latte And Go!

Hey Friday! Seasonal fashion mix! Not only is it a Major Holiday weekend but to get the BBQ and style mood ready it's a beautiful Sunny Friday somewhat in and out chilly day! This Friday has to be coupled with style and a latte. While running errands and trying to grab last minute food items... Continue Reading →

A Texture of Straw

As the warm weather fades away I'm so happy I've been able to use a straw find of mines. This beautiful Straw clutch purse is a favorite, it has a neutral Universal style and look that I am able to pair it with many outfits. Normally, it's straw heavy from beginning of Spring to end... Continue Reading →

Accessorized With Green!

Oh how us women love to dazzle! Sometimes we have pieces that are cute but different in style and color and that makes our ootd all the better. It's kinda nice to find olive green trinkets they're not sold everywhere.Β  Luckily a few searches on Amazon seals the deal forΒ  fun olive green accessories with... Continue Reading →

On The Go Necessities

During the errands run thingy or the long trips away from home, there are a few items that are total must have in the bag necessities that I love to have on person at all times. Some of these items include hand sanitizer! Yes I need my hand sanitizer ever been digging through a dusty... Continue Reading →

Beaded jewelry trend Summer 2019

It is has been no surprise that the oh so loved seed bead jewelry would become a favorite and currently trending on Amazon. Many have been crafting this style of jewelry for centuries with it's origins in Africa and Native America. The creative and meticulous designs have not only been known for it's unique beauty... Continue Reading →

That Zen Life

A wise person learns to release all resistance and therefore allow the flow of good prana through. Don't forget about you.....live to the fullest! Be Zenful!

Hats like a Royal

With all the beautiful and flowery fashion hats we just seen at the #Royalwedding it only magnified the love for big eye catching, Royal Style, Derby style, fashionable hats! Would you like to get the look for less? Ladies fashion hats come in all styles, colors and sizes some least expensive and some the price... Continue Reading →

Lip candy RED ALERT! πŸš¨

Anyone who fancies makeup or wears cosmetics, there is always something we look for! It is a screaming hot fire cracker, fire starter, strawberry, cherry, look at me twice STOP the press, STOP SIGN red lippy. On this post I share with you a current favorite and that is #Rimmellondon #Staymatte #Firestarter #redmatteliquidlipstick it is... Continue Reading →

Glitter. Shimmer. Brights?

The eye shadow colors and pallettes that are being produced are truly fun and magical. What I have been noticing is the compact sizes that are great for travel and make-up bag carrying. These pallettes are cute and hits the target with the daily mood. Shimmer, Brights and Glitter? Fantastic! You get all three from... Continue Reading →

Travel Studded Handbags

Oh how cute and fun these studded bags are and it doesn't matter the name or the style as long as cuteness overrides. One thing I notice is that studded bags are a hard find but; thanks to online stores you can get your hands on just about anyone you want. From all colors and... Continue Reading →

Halter Dresses

It's time again! Well that all depends on where your residing at because; many women around the globe have not been able to wear a halter dress for months due to weather especially us New Yorkers. But that don't matter because its time to pull out that favorite halter top dress in whatever print you... Continue Reading →

The Gladiator Sandal

After all the long months of cold, winter, snow, frost, raining you name it! The weather is finally warming up and guess what Spring is next week! Yes the spring equinox is around the corner literally and what a better way to bring out spring than to treat yourself to a cute pair of gladiator... Continue Reading →

Fur or purrr! It’s cold

Purr cold days and nights and freezing temperatures throughout the country makes us want to find that perfect boot to keep our feet warm. It is almost a must that you have no choices but to wear some kind of faux animal skin or fur on your boots or shoes to block windchill. I love... Continue Reading →

Get the Look (A)

Need ideas on what to wear to that event, to work, for a social gathering, a hot date or just have somewhere to go but don't know what to put on? Well, get these looks for cheap and DIY-IT be your own fashion guide but whatever you do be fabulous and have fun, be creative... Continue Reading →

Ahh Relaxing!

Relax take a deep breath and let your mind wonder into a beautiful space where there is no fear, no chaos and no confusion. Whether you are at work or home just simply doing YOU! take the time out of your day to just GO AWAY and imagine you living in a space in your... Continue Reading →

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