Oh Deer! Oh Dear They Ate My Mum’s!


Oh Gosh this is so NOT fair! After rummaging around in different stores trying to find those pretty yellow and red mum’s Hubby finally found them. Having known that I love anything Autumn and was in the process of outdoor Autumn decor He brought me home a few surprises recently, big beautiful bright mum’s! I couldn’t wait to adorn them on my porch and kind of add love to my yard excited and chipper like a little child in a candy store. Adorned them well little did I know there are certain rules mountain folk must follow and there is always rule number one:


Why didn’t I listen 😂 why why why….! After adorning My Porch with beautiful seasonal mum’s handpicked by Hubby we so enjoyed them the other day we sat them out. The mum’s felt like drops of glitter being sprinkled into nature. To our surprise that next morning opening the door “The 🦌 Deer” had finished them off through the night and left the herbage scattered on the grass😥 these deer should have been placed in time out! They were like little rebellious children they knew the mum’s were off limits but apparently not they preyed and they waited…

aviary-image-1571756519366.jpegThey kept creeping and lurking I should’ve known what they were up to.  So now I start back at square one with no mum’s and a mountain lesson learned. The next time everything will be faux and plastic but looking like the real deal lol 😂that is my solution and I’m sticking to it. Fake pumpkins outdoors, fake mum’s, fake corn everything if not what’s a gal to do?


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