Crock-Pot Shepard’s Pie


If there was anytime to cook up warm hot wholesome meals in the kitchen the time is now. The leaves are falling, turning bright orange and cranberry red and the feel of Autumn is alive🍁 It’s starting to get chilly and crispy and one things for sure it’s time for stews, chowders and crock pot fun let’s bake and cook whatever our hearts desire. Food for the soul is found right in my latest dish A Crock Pot Shepard’s Pie.


Why the Crock-Pot? Because the slow cooked deeply seasoned beef layered in veggies would only come out to be savory and robust as it did. When you’re not rushing a meal and it has time to simmer and slowly cook it kinda rewards you with tenderness and more flavor. As the beef slow cooks the potatoes boil 🥔 yummy adding garlic and butter to them made a meal all on its own! Whipping and mashing my potatoes with the beef filling being done it all comes together…a Shepard’s Pie wow! Usually I would but a store bought Shepard’s Pie and call it a day but this dish was calling. In the oven it goes after all the fixings had been prepared.


Mouthwatering and smelling up the whole house I just knew this pie would warm souls and be a winner even the potatoes down to the carrots and gravy The Shepard’s Pie was a hit. 🍜

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