A Dose Of Chocolate!

Since it’s baking season and our kitchens have now cooled from the Summer heat and we can now turn on our ovens, I did just that. The request was for a classic yellow cake with milk chocolate frosting. I mean sometimes in My mind I think I am Betty Crocker or Rachel Ray and I go into cooking mode and put together a fabulous dessert or meal. Well this time I adjusted the apron and went in. Intent on making this cake a dessert to remember I happily mixed and used all ingredients from Aldi Grocery!

The cake came out to not only be eye candy but it’s super delicious and very moist. It’s nothing like having a taste for something and then voila it’s there. That is how it was for us until the cake came out the oven. You know you want it you won’t be satisfied with a store bought cake and you must have it fresh and homemade. Fortunately, we got our cake and with vanilla bean ice cream Every bite mouth watering savory goodness.

I felt like such a rebel having cake and ice cream for breakfast lol 😂

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