Bridging The Gap

There is just beauty everywhere and today I’m starting right here at this Bridge. A long drive through Pennsylvania not only is fun if your enjoying all the natural scenery it’s dynamic! The historical landmarks and long standing places alone makes it movie scene worthy. Coming to a street and then stopping at what looks like a patina bridge our mouths drop in awe of the splendor. Not only is this Bridge amazing but underneath is a full on flowing River. Getting camera ready because I know as much as I love nature and pictures I can max out half an SD memory cards gigabytes in a day lol. Driving in closer we now look down on all this splendor crossing the Bridge as it is one way in way out it’s our turn.

Look at all the lively hood that Mother Nature has for one to enjoy. My thought is to get out and get more pictures but other cars need to cross so we push on. Going down and around I come to the most peaceful and quiet place where I can sit and meditate and Bridge The Gap of just being in the moment. The water roaring it’s so close you could easily be swept away the current is very strong as I can see but I’ll sit and eat my pizza and sip soda and take it all in. Right on the edge of nature’s goodness and tranquility is a great place to be!

πŸŒ… Bridge Location: Easton PA

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