Throwback For Tiffany Blue πŸ’™

The little blue bag and little blue box is something that almost all ladies love to have. Fashionably speaking how can one not love anything Tiffany and Co. For some reason when most ladies see that Tiffany Blue in the form of a gift or treating oneself it’s more than welcomed. There was always a huge fashion trend for the well loved silver (Please return to Tiffany & Co. NYC 925) link charmed necklace and bracelet. The charms were either round or heart shaped whichever suited the wearers preference. This style of fashion accessories was huge 1990s hits. Above is an old battered and worn to the nines jewelry set. How this set survived beats me πŸ˜‚ it definitely served well. Putting this set on brings back memories but also reminds me of the fun of the so well loved Tiffany’s!

A well loved fashion Throwback πŸ’™

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