Crock-Pot Shepard’s Pie

If there was anytime to cook up warm hot wholesome meals in the kitchen the time is now. The leaves are falling, turning bright orange and cranberry red and the feel of Autumn is alive🍁 It's starting to get chilly and crispy and one things for sure it's time for stews, chowders and crock pot... Continue Reading →

Happy Fall Y’all

It feels like nature's Christmas has arrived omg! The leaves are turning,falling and singing a song in the wind. As I awake and gulp sips of coffee from my so loved Autumn themed coffee cup I enjoy the kaleidoscope of Autumn as I peer through the window. A spiced apple cinnamon candle going and fall... Continue Reading →

Orange Crush

Autumn really makes orange come aliveπŸπŸ‚πŸπŸŽƒI tell ya it's the only timeof year that I go looking for Orange any and everything in fashion. So today I share with you Orange CrushπŸŽƒ sweet pumpkins and oh my gourds. Why can't Autumn last forever 😌 Suddenly going outside just walking around in Awe tends to chase... Continue Reading →

The Blueprint

On some days you get up feeling great and it's one color that sticks to the psyche today for me it's πŸ’™BlueπŸ’™. Vibrant and lively this color is singing a sweet song today that says "Wear Me" and it's blue with snakeskin print. I mean in fashion style is everything heck it's 70% of why... Continue Reading →

A Dose Of Chocolate!

Since it's baking season and our kitchens have now cooled from the Summer heat and we can now turn on our ovens, I did just that. The request was for a classic yellow cake with milk chocolate frosting. I mean sometimes in My mind I think I am Betty Crocker or Rachel Ray and I... Continue Reading →

Bridging The Gap

There is just beauty everywhere and today I'm starting right here at this Bridge. A long drive through Pennsylvania not only is fun if your enjoying all the natural scenery it's dynamic! The historical landmarks and long standing places alone makes it movie scene worthy. Coming to a street and then stopping at what looks... Continue Reading →

Sliding Into Autumn πŸπŸŒΏπŸ‚πŸƒ

Yummy! Or should I say Yay with joy and a warm heart because it is truly that time of year when nature paints a picture. Not only is it crisp and starting to get colorful outside but inside; the smell of warm spiced Autumn scented wax melts fills the ambiance. Might I add that I... Continue Reading →

Throwback For Tiffany Blue πŸ’™

The little blue bag and little blue box is something that almost all ladies love to have. Fashionably speaking how can one not love anything Tiffany and Co. For some reason when most ladies see that Tiffany Blue in the form of a gift or treating oneself it's more than welcomed. There was always a... Continue Reading →

The Color is Oxblood

Oxblood πŸ‚ in Autumn! A deep 🍷 wine colored burgundy that exudes warmth and a tone for the season. Not everyday will you be in the mood for a dark rich pigmented color that looks like you ate many plums and dowsed yourself in cranberry juice! I'm here to let you know this is one... Continue Reading →

Happy Labor Day- Street Corn Style!

Today is a great day for many in United States of America to celebrate Labor Day all throughout the Land. Many depending on what part of USA their in will pull out the BBQ grills πŸ–, music 🎡 ,booze 🍺 and sit around and fellowship! However, there is always that one item on the menu that we all... Continue Reading →

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