Grab A Latte And Go!

photo 307 14-38-11

Hey Friday! Seasonal fashion mix! Not only is it a Major Holiday weekend but to get the BBQ and style mood ready it’s a beautiful Sunny Friday somewhat in and out chilly day! This Friday has to be coupled with style and a latte. While running errands and trying to grab last minute food items to cook a delicious Labor Day meal I decided this look fits the day. The weather here in NEPA Northeast Pennsylvania has shifted from a HOT to a lukewarm barely holding on. The mornings are met with dewy grass and misty cement that means Autumn is creeping in fast. Having to pinch myself and ask is it still Summer officially because we are in late August and the season hasn’t changed yet; so I guess technically it is but weather wise maybe not lol. You mean I can actually get away with a long pair of boots, denim jeans and a sweater today oh my.

While roaming through stores I see that all Summer clothing and Outdoor home furniture and products are on a 50% -75% clearance stores are clearing it out quick. Good thing is during Autumn/Fall if you love fashion and style as I do then your truly ready for this years Fall looks. Those days of sitting outside in the backyard with boots and something hot to sip on are literally around the corner. Hopefully, this year we will be able to actually have less rainy days where there will be time to light the fire pit and make smores. Gosh what fun moments await in Autumn if for nothing but being outdoors seeing the element of nature turn into a full on kaleidoscope. Mums are arriving now to your nearest Garden Center for purchase and to find a new home. As I stand in a store typing and taking in the ambiance I’m glad today I grabbed a latte and got on the move. A fresh new fun warm colorful season is in the midst of loading and I’m in the thick of it. Well however it goes the cinnamon spice pine cones are going home with me.

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