Passenger 3 Is A Refreshing Pink Drink

photo 247 18-11-11The days just keep getting filled with more precious cargo lol! OMG, I was persuaded by My Dear Daughter to try a Starbucks Pink Drink and I love it! Upon her walking out of the coffee shop with two gigantic drinks in hand; I was thinking “Now what is this hmm it looks good”. As She hands Me the drink through My window I began to guzzle. It’s 80 degrees out with Sunbeams hitting Me on the forehead that drink made it down the pipes very quick. So, I drive and I sip It became a quick go to drink in minutes. photo 257 7-29-27.jpgWe sipped and cruised and laughed. Every now and again we’d look up and say “It’s good yeah”. Mood for the day was all the way PINK. Thanks for another great sip Starbucks!


A Forever Coffee Hottie

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