Amazing Amethyst

photo 187 12-5-1.jpg

If you love Semiprecious Gemstones as I do then I’m almost sure you love Amethyst. Amethyst Gemstone is natural hue of different shades of purple ๐Ÿ’œ and we’ll used in many different things throughout The World. Said to have many prosperous and healing attributes I find Amethyst Clusters on my list to hoard lol. Over the time I’ve purchased a few pieces and having gotten them raw and rough or polished didn’t matter. photo 187 11-44-43.jpg

This is huge Amethyst Cluster found at a Flea Market digging through junk. In awe and speechless of what I just found I quickly paid (happily paid) for my purchase. Price? 3.00! Whoo hoo. So you mean to tell me for three bucks I got healing, calmness, balance, clarity, Divine Guidance, rejuvenated and prosperous no complaints here! I’d love to have another find.

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