Loved Trips To The Farmers Market

photo 167 8-57-41

Getting Farm fresh fruits, nuts and veggies brings joy to the heart always. A trip to The Farmers Market is so fun and exciting, I am so thrilled to see what I can fill my basket up with to take home. One of the best things is everything is considered “Farm To Table” and freshly picked and packaged.  By trying to always eat and live as natural and organic as possible it’s good to get foods not so saturated with pesticides or chemicals. A day at the Farmers Market consist of browsing through beets, plucking around potatoes, digging around in bins of broccoli, lettuce and squash! You veer across the room and see fresh stalks of Aloe Vera plants for sale and sprigs of Lavender. There is so much to get, so much you want and so much you need you end up like me having to get two baskets lol!

photo 167 9-4-8.jpg

No complaints there I buy as much as I can fit in my car. There is never a dull moment the people are friendly, the plants are pretty and the smell of fresh jam and bananas fill the air. What I also love is quantity, you get huge bags of fruits,nuts and veggies for less. After taking home so much goodness I definitely have fun with food storage and sustainment. I chop up vegetables and seal them in containers or even fresh sealed in freezer bags to go in freezer for later use it’s super convenient. Maintaining the freshness works well but you’ll always end up using 95% of your Farmers Market buys just because it’s good it won’t have time to go bad.



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