Avon TBT- Vintage Beauty Product Throw Back!

photo 147 16-35-5

All I can say is WOW! These few Avon products right here are true throwbacks. While digging through an old towns quaint cute little thrift shop these were found. I’ve owned these for about 14-15 years now from being an avid thrift shop lover and goer, I find all kind of items that prove dear to heart. Laying inside a countertop bin they we’re discovered. Looking back on Pinterest and through old Avon post can see that at that time Avon used to make gorgeous perfume bottles that are now collector’s items today. Being a early 70s baby, I totally remember all the women in my family having sets of these beautiful fragrance bottles adorned atop an antique sold wood armoire sitting on a white or cream handmade lace doillie or a perfume tray!

The scents are an aroma that definitely carries a tune of memory with it’s smell and no matter what; I’m sure when it’s sprayed it takes someone flashing back in time.

Avon really went above and beyond to manufacture such beautiful bottles the craft work is so luxurious. Most perfume and cologne bottles were in the shape of objects which made it fun to decorate with even after the fragrance was gone.

photo 147 16-44-35.jpg

How about the vintage gold locket oval perfume carrying case necklace. Is that even available from any manufacturer anymore? I’d love to be out and about and dab my wrist or neckline with perfume how convenient is that! Not to mention pairing the necklace with a beautiful pair of gold fashion earrings you’d never know what’s concealed inside of the locket.

photo 157 6-50-18.jpg

Featured is a lovely view of:

Avon- Charisma Perfume Calligraphy Bottle Pen. Fragrance launched in 1968

Avon- Occur Gold Embossed Print Oval Bottle. Fragrance launched in 1963

Avon- Gold Perfumed Carrying Case Locket Necklace. ( You can still smell the perfume ). Launched in between 1950s-1970s

After all these years and myself placing many Avon orders throughout, I can surely say it’s always fun to browse a friend’s book whose selling Avon to see what I can get next.

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