On The Go Necessities

During the errands run thingy or the long trips away from home, there are a few items that are total must have in the bag necessities that I love to have on person at all times. Some of these items include hand sanitizer! Yes I need my hand sanitizer ever been digging through a dusty dusty clothing rack at a well loved thrift store or digging for unwrapped veggies at a Farmers Market, only to realize when you leave your fingers are yucky? Right behind that in the bag is a small compact travel size lotion, I don’t know why it seems that ash will creep up on you like when you’re handling someone money over the counter and they have to look down at your hands LMBO! Ashy hands can be just as bad as a broke nail or chipped finger nail polish “Yikes lol”.

Hold on it gets better the cute little perfume shaped like a purse is about 2 oz of a rosey eau de toilette to conquer all scents unwanted in a public setting. If someone let’s one go on a moment’s notice don’t worry with a mini perfume on hand your covered. It also helps to keep you smelling like a rose by  occasionally spritzing throughout they day. Even though the weather is always changing and sinuses are flaring up or we might go somewhere and consume something and have an allergic reaction a much needed mini bottle of Zyrtec is another staple. I love this little bottle of “Save My Life” because an allergic reaction is nothing to play around with! It comes in 25 liquid gel caps and; I’m sure it can be found at just about any of your local drugstores. The hoops keep you just stylish and cute and every gal loves a nice big basic hoop earring they’re hassle free and fun and great for casual days of running out the door forgetting to put earrings on.

Last but not least are definitely not to be left behind and those are well loved! It’s Pier 1 Imports Lip Smoothie in Juicy Raspberry. It comes in a small push-up cardboard cylindrical tube of goodness, it smells wonderful and glides on your lips creamy and smooth. I just discovered this lip smoothie in 2018 and I am trying to find out what took me so long to 🤔. Also, for added freshness and around the clock mouth cleanliness I can happily say Listerine Cool Mint PocketPaks Strips do the job. Pop one on the go and it always gives me that fresh mouth fresh breath feel. Each PocketPak has 24 strips and will usually last a while but ever noticed how if you pull them out around people your supply dwindles quick with the “Ooh can I have one” questions! In any event a few little supplies go along way don’t leave home without yours any given day.



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