DIY – Kiss Gel Nail Kit A Hit

It is the weekend and as a woman who loves to doll up and always have my nails pretty, I couldn’t be more happy that I grabbed this Kiss Gel Nail Kit recently from #Walmart. Over the years I have been trying many Kiss nail kits such as the Acrylic Kit as well. Now, any time I can save from having to sit in nail salons and wait or save money from doing it myself I am honored.

The weekend is here and after finally sitting down in my office with a hot cup of tea and all products laid out before me I attempt to do my nails with the Kiss Gel Nail Kit. The kit is awesome I love it, it is super easy to use and the applications of the product was easy to brush on in layers. It felt like polishing my nails and the shiny luster the gel nails give is beautiful and healthy looking. You can apply as many layers as you want it’s your kit right….I applied three layers of gel and activator for added strength. What is also good about this nail kit is it comes with white tip and regular tip.

I’m now SOLD on DIY nail kit this was fun and easy to do and I was able to get the salon look right from the comforts of my home. Definitely worth a try!

Retail Price: $9.47 at Walmart

What you’ll need:

Kiss Gel Nail Kit πŸ’…

Kiss Mega Hold Glue πŸ’…

A Dual Nail File (Buffer/Rough)

Extra Acetone Polish Remover (Cleans Brushes)

Lay down a napkin and patience 😁

*The kit is self explanatory and if you follow the steps you’ll be fine.

Thanks for reading give it a goπŸ’…

photo 77 13-46-3

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