A Scenic Train Ride

Does it get any better than this for a family outing on an old Steam Engine Train? Maybe. The cruise and the view alone really really put this trip at the top of our list of things to do for a most memorable experience. Pictures just can’t explain how it feels to glide along the tracks knowing your going somewhere but; at the moment your literally in the middle of nowhere. The Railroad that connects U.S.A is a travel source yet not seen by so many. Whenever, most think of travel rarely do we talk about a good ole Train Ride alongside the mountains and beautiful rivers to experience travel at it’s best. Sometimes you may look up and see bald eagles, people who have found a watering hole in the middle of nowhere and decided to take a dip in the river as you float by on your train. They wave you by sending good gestures for you to enjoy your ride.

Not only is the train ride fun!  It’s a feel of wanderlust and freedom that you get when you have no time constraints and your adventurous mood sprouts into full gear, that feeling of “Get There When We Get There”.

The history and informative lessons that you can learn from The Railroad is vast, many decades ago trains were and currently still are a major way of transportation for goods to different Townships throughout United States. Many locomotives transported people and cargo at the same time. Not only do you get educated on the Railroads but you learn to experience something that is not often experienced but only seen in Western Movies. Today’s Steam Engine Passenger Trains that are still operable will be fun but you find they still have open air, vintage vinyl seating, many steel and solid iron hardware. Inside the cabin provides the basics for a great ride and luggage storage.

The Railroad is most definitely a recommended experience and if you’re lucky enough you can get that “Hanging Outside Of A Window Picture”. Go ahead take a trip you’ll be glad you did.

The Ride: Northern Honesdale Pennsylvania. Summer 2019.

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