The Lake View (of all lake views)…

Serenity (n) : the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. Spending a few moments at the lake in the midst of a busy day makes the day better. ✨✨✨Serenity Definition

What A Veggie Burger!

Would you believe this is a Veggie Burger? Mouth dripping savory taste at it's best, this Burger was so good and light. The best thing is the overload of veggies it was made with and to top it off a layer of Guacamole 🥑😋😉  

Hats like a Royal

With all the beautiful and flowery fashion hats we just seen at the #Royalwedding it only magnified the love for big eye catching, Royal Style, Derby style, fashionable hats! Would you like to get the look for less? Ladies fashion hats come in all styles, colors and sizes some least expensive and some the price... Continue Reading →

Hydrate the skin year around.

Avène Thermal Spring Water ahh refreshing! Wherever you are this is a fav for the bag or purse. A splash of mist to cool off and hydrate that is infused with pure rain, sea salts, rich minerals and spring water from Cèvennes Mountains in Avène,France. Great to travel with, it is in a aerosol form … Continue reading Hydrate the skin year around.

Almond Body Butter Yum.

How about a body butter to pack in the carry on? If so here's a few details. This savory smooth almond butter by The Body Shop is ideal for long travel and maintaining skin moisture. What we have learned here is you can pack a travel size about 2 oz and the amount of skin... Continue Reading →

Sweet Green Coffee Bean Oil

What an amazing product with a great smell and sensual feel to the body. This product was purchased on #Amazon for $14.99. It has definitely been a good investment having been using it for two months so far. There is a calming thermo slimming effect you can feel that takes place on the desired area.... Continue Reading →

Happy Cinco De Mayo

Style Travel Glow would like to extend a Happy Cinco De Mayo to it's readers. In whichever way you celebrate we hope that it is safe and most importantly fun. 

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