Where to next!?

The view from an Airport lobby is always inspiring whether your departing or arriving! One thing for sure is.... you're on your way somewhere. Luckily at this time it was with Jet Blue🛫

Lip candy RED ALERT! 🚨

Anyone who fancies makeup or wears cosmetics, there is always something we look for! It is a screaming hot fire cracker, fire starter, strawberry, cherry, look at me twice STOP the press, STOP SIGN red lippy. On this post I share with you a current favorite and that is #Rimmellondon #Staymatte #Firestarter #redmatteliquidlipstick it is... Continue Reading →

Glitter. Shimmer. Brights?

The eye shadow colors and pallettes that are being produced are truly fun and magical. What I have been noticing is the compact sizes that are great for travel and make-up bag carrying. These pallettes are cute and hits the target with the daily mood. Shimmer, Brights and Glitter? Fantastic! You get all three from... Continue Reading →

By the lake

Sometimes a day goes by and we've forgotten to live. Not to often can you just pull up and have a seat at a lake bench. Just in case you are able to grasp days like this or have  them at your disposal, pull up, sit and chill. Sweet tea, water or a cool drink... Continue Reading →

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