Clutch the pearls

All I can say is I love pearls! What a better gem for a woman to wear. Fresh from the bottom of the ocean we have been gifted with a token of love from Mother Nature herself PEARLS!. An oyster does the incubating and cooking then hands us all these out of the world beautiful little iridescent round shiny glowing things we call pearls. You can’t have enough pearls. When I even think of pearls I think of all the different kinds like fresh saltwater pearls, black pearls, Mother of Pearls, cultured pearls, akoya pearls,golden and black Tahitian pearls etc..Women will never stop wearing pearls its is the ultimate look of classiness for any occasion. You can only dress up pearls no matter if your going to a wedding, having a wedding, church, work,it doesn’t matter even if you wear them for daily use nothing looks classier than a pearl.

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