Travel Studded Handbags

Oh how cute and fun these studded bags are and it doesn't matter the name or the style as long as cuteness overrides. One thing I notice is that studded bags are a hard find but; thanks to online stores you can get your hands on just about anyone you want. From all colors and... Continue Reading →

Bienvienidos A Miami- ami

Miami's unique attributes form a colorful backdrop filled with white sandy beaches, pastel-colored Art Deco buildings, year-round events and festivals, world-renown cuisine, and designer fashions. Miami is a place where our diverse neighborhoods preserve a touch of history, and where arts and culture thrive. The nightlife and entertainment in Miami borders on being legendary. It... Continue Reading →

Roses Hairpin- DIY

The ultimate sexiness is a flower adorned in your hair. It lets everyone know that you feel vibrant, joyful, happy and full of spice for life YES! Getting these flower looks are not hard at all as a matter a fact if you want to DIY then here's what you do. Go visit your local... Continue Reading →

Halter Dresses

It's time again! Well that all depends on where your residing at because; many women around the globe have not been able to wear a halter dress for months due to weather especially us New Yorkers. But that don't matter because its time to pull out that favorite halter top dress in whatever print you... Continue Reading →

The Gladiator Sandal

After all the long months of cold, winter, snow, frost, raining you name it! The weather is finally warming up and guess what Spring is next week! Yes the spring equinox is around the corner literally and what a better way to bring out spring than to treat yourself to a cute pair of gladiator... Continue Reading →

Keep Your Brain Young

One of the greatest longevity secrets you’ll ever learn is how to take care of your brain throughout your entire lifetime. What better time to learn how to prevent degeneration and support a sharp, well-balanced mind than Brain Awareness Week! Here are 4 leading-edge tips to power up your brain. 1. Omega-3’s for a Brain... Continue Reading →

Eat from a Rainbow

Exquisite Eyelashes

Do you wear eyelashes? If so have you found your favorite brand or a favorite way to get them on and stay on? You can find different brands and styles of eyelashes and eyelash extensions everywhere it just depends on how much you want to invest in your lashes. Many lashes will last a long... Continue Reading →

Had A Hawk Yet?

From the images of Mohawk Native Americans to the hands of our hairdressers "The Mohawk" has become a hot look! You can rock "The Mohawk" in a HighHawk, Frohawk, Braidhawk, FlatHawk and Curlyhawk you name it with its signature sides pinned up to get the classic look. Not much to say here BUT have plenty... Continue Reading →

Clutch the pearls

All I can say is I love pearls! What a better gem for a woman to wear. Fresh from the bottom of the ocean we have been gifted with a token of love from Mother Nature herself PEARLS!. An oyster does the incubating and cooking then hands us all these out of the world beautiful... Continue Reading →

Fur or purrr! It’s cold

Purr cold days and nights and freezing temperatures throughout the country makes us want to find that perfect boot to keep our feet warm. It is almost a must that you have no choices but to wear some kind of faux animal skin or fur on your boots or shoes to block windchill. I love... Continue Reading →

Throwback Tune- Rock The Casbah

Throwback of the day! How many remember this? The 80's Baby.

Experience Diversity in New Orleans

New Orleans is one of the world's most fascinating cities. Steeped in a history of influences from Europe, the Caribbean, Africa and beyond, it's a brilliant mosaic of culture, food and music. You'll find brimming bowls of gumbo, late nights in jazz clubs, strolls through historic neighborhoods and tantalizing festivals throughout the year. Come down... Continue Reading →

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