Eye C U 2!

Since color compliments life then we can surely say your eyes are the seat of your soul and beauty! Its written all over your face YES it is and your eyes say all they need to say about you. Do you know how to spruce up your eyes? What color are your eyes and how do you add extra flavor to them? A lot of us of course drink plenty of carrot juice and take in extra doses of beta-carotine but; the eyes always no matter what remedy you use speak for themselves! The first thing many see when they look in the mirror is their eyes. I think of how the eyes can be assisted with beautiful eye shadow spices and even colored contacts. Often time glasses are double sexy but so is contacts they totally change your look. Wow you can have green eyes today and blue eyes tomorrow if that’s what you choose because fashion, I’m almost sure has no boundaries. Next time you look in the mirror blow a kiss to your eyes and spice them up the best way you know how wink!

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