Bite the Big Apple!

NEW YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORK! Alicia Keys sang it best there is a bevy of things to do in NYC you can just never get enough lol. From Shopping,touring,site seeing,millions of people,historic buildings,big attractions,hot nightlife,parties,a thousand taxi’s etc…(wink) it is definately a must visit. I’m sure they are still celebrating in The Big Apple from The Giants bringing the championship back for Superbowl 2012. You will not have one dull moment in NYC so many things to do and just not enough time. No need to drive just hop in a taxi and go wherever you need to go! You can catch a live theatre performance on broadway or head to Central Park to sit and frolic in nature. Many movies and shows have their home and signature in NYC. There are tea bars and subways at your conveience. Standing on a block in The Big Apple makes one feel like an ant because every building is a kiss to the site complimenting the beautiful skyline of thousands of buildings. Would you be daring enough to go on top of the Empire State building and tour? hmmm afraid of heights its alright because you can admire the scenory from the likes of a tour bus or Coney Island. Lady Liberty keeps her watch over the Hudson River and gives you a tour of her chambers as well. Once again from Times Square, Manhattan, Rockefeller Center, Tribeca, Chinatown etc…..Its so much to see that you may want to stay at least a week and get a good feel for NYC under your belt cause I’m sure once you been you will go back again. Oh and the guys selling OVERSIZE pretzels on the corners yumm-me! But make sure you have plenty of $$ for tolls and transportation if you plan on going over to N.J or up to Harlem cause everyone knows parking and travel to/from is not so user friendly. However, once you get into NYC and have a great time or meet new exciting people you will forget about the cost. Grab ya girls and get going Gems.

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