Tribal Adornment

From the ages of time women have adorned themselves with tribal jewelry that was either passed down from generation to generation or handmade in their tribe. Tribal jewelry carries some serious significance because each piece is unique no two pieces are alike. Many cultures have used real authentic stones and gems found in nature! they... Continue Reading →

Get the Look (A)

Need ideas on what to wear to that event, to work, for a social gathering, a hot date or just have somewhere to go but don't know what to put on? Well, get these looks for cheap and DIY-IT be your own fashion guide but whatever you do be fabulous and have fun, be creative... Continue Reading →

Ahh Relaxing!

Relax take a deep breath and let your mind wonder into a beautiful space where there is no fear, no chaos and no confusion. Whether you are at work or home just simply doing YOU! take the time out of your day to just GO AWAY and imagine you living in a space in your... Continue Reading →

Herbs and Oils

The Main Essential Oils and Their Healing Properties: Angelica root Dull skin, gout, psoriasis, toxin build-up, water retention Exhaustion, nervousness and stress Anise Bronchitis, colds, coughs, flatulence, flu, muscle aches, rheumatism Depression Basil Bronchitis, colds, coughs, exhaustion, flatulence, flu, gout, insect bites, insect repellent, muscle aches, rheumatism and sinusitis. Fatigue, exhaustion, burnout, memory and concentration... Continue Reading →

Rock an UpDO

Ever have those days when you are just rushing and can't seem to fix your hair in your elongated style like you normally do? I'm sure a lot of women love the flat iron look but don't have the time or can't quite get the hair to act right on certain days. So, I have... Continue Reading →

Bite the Big Apple!

NEW YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORK! Alicia Keys sang it best there is a bevy of things to do in NYC you can just never get enough lol. From Shopping,touring,site seeing,millions of people,historic buildings,big attractions,hot nightlife,parties,a thousand taxi's etc...(wink) it is definately a must visit. I'm sure they are still celebrating in The Big Apple from The Giants bringing... Continue Reading →

Eye C U 2!

Since color compliments life then we can surely say your eyes are the seat of your soul and beauty! Its written all over your face YES it is and your eyes say all they need to say about you. Do you know how to spruce up your eyes? What color are your eyes and how... Continue Reading →

Big BOLD Bangles

Its all about Bangles and more Bangles. The bigger the better and bolder or the smaller the sleeker and simple. No matter how many you wear or if you wear only one, bangles add that extra pizazz to your other accessories and clothing. Just like your purse and your shoes make a difference. I'm here... Continue Reading →

Awesome Ankle Boots

Whew! stop the press because when you step out in these ankle booties you will stop traffic and turn heads! Look down and need we say anymore? What is your favorite ankle boot and collection like?

Fringe factor

Just HOTT! HAUTE! HAWYT! however you want to say it these bags are sassy and cute! There are a few sexy ways to dress up your daily gear with a fringe bag, you can wear it cross your shoulders, hanging parallel off your shoulder or close under the arm for added sexiness. Sometimes you don't... Continue Reading →

Inner Peace

To be able to practice five things everywhere under heaven constitutes perfect virtue...[They are] gravity, generosity of soul, sincerity, earnestness, and kindness. Confucius Live. Laugh. Love. Do it as often as possible!

Throwback Tunes

How many of you remember this hot sultry and jamming track from Tracey Spencer back in the day....So Early 90's love it!

Spice up the game face

What would a woman do without adding any kind of color or life to her hue? Whether you wear lipstick, eye shadow, foundation or eyelashes its all a part of you! You are who you present to the world daily, many will go over the top to create the perfect game face to step out... Continue Reading →

Head wraps, Turbans and Head Scarfs

Head and hair adornment added with a touch of class and fashion. Turbans/Head Wraps/Head Scarfs are a lovely way to keep your coif concealed in bad cold weather and also add nobility to your look. You can adorn a turban anytime of the year, the best turbans are your own hand picked material and patterns!... Continue Reading →

The Clutch Purse

Its nothing sexier than getting all dressed up and pulling out that cute and chic clutch purse to add flavor to your shoes and your clothing. The clutch purse has been around for a long time back in the day women rocked big flat vinyl clutches in unique colors with wooden handles or stainless steel... Continue Reading →

Its official Flu season ughh

Flu shot yay or nay? Before you step out to do your daily routine its imperative that you think twice about remedies you can carry in your purse or pocket that can keep germs at bay. Flu season is in full effect in this early part of 2012 and one we don't want is the... Continue Reading →

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