Something cozy about Seattle

With its featuristic skyline and view from the top signature Space Needle, I just love how Seattle is situated with a snowy mountaintop in the backdrop and a beauti-fullicious waterfront that compliments the city. Have you been there or are you there? If so go by the original Starbucks built in 1971 and grab an original cup of joe. How about taking views of billionaire Bill Gates mega awesome crib 66,000 sq ft, now in a pad that size everyday is a hide a way and a STAY K…(Staykaction) cause your gonna have plenty to do at home, that home is a vacation. Whew don’t cha feel cozy and rich already! Also you might not wanna miss out on the market places like Pikes Place Market for fresh seafood and great finds or Public Market that offers everything from fresh flowers to that favorite incense,authentic jewelry and food. Sit on the waterfront downtown and take in the aura of Seattle itself I’m sure it offers you bright days if only you can live,laugh and love in Seattle somehow or someway. Go on Fullicious Gem take a trip grab your man or your girl and hit it plane, train or automobile.

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