Sunshine and Bliss-full-ness

“Old age is the fourth stage. By the time one reaches this stage of his journey, he must have discovered that the joys available in this world are trivial and fleeting. He must be equipped with the higher knowledge of spiritual joy, available through delving into the inner spring of Bliss. Through his experiences, his... Continue Reading →


No darlings, Not really up tight but definately loving these tights! Can a lady get more stunning than that, tights are always a Fullicious Gems best friend they are so user friendly. Don't matter if ya got thick or thin legs any woman can spice up tights with a nice sexy heel and a cute... Continue Reading →

Something cozy about Seattle

With its featuristic skyline and view from the top signature Space Needle, I just love how Seattle is situated with a snowy mountaintop in the backdrop and a beauti-fullicious waterfront that compliments the city. Have you been there or are you there? If so go by the original Starbucks built in 1971 and grab an... Continue Reading →

Release Your Inner Goddess

A goddess is a female deity. In some cultures goddesses are associated with Earth, motherhood, love, and the household. In other cultures, goddesses also rule over war, death, and destruction as well as healing. For over 2000 years, the symbol of the trinity has been represented by a male deity. And it is through this... Continue Reading →

Boot craze

These babies speak for themselves go on have a boot-e-full day in your boots!

Winter wear

There are so many different areas of clothing to choose from to stay sexy savvy looking and warm. Most love a good pair of boots with jeans and a comfy sweater or how about anything with FUR ooh that will keep you warm! Winter is a time to get out those long wool coats, crochet... Continue Reading →

Quote of the Day!

“We are formed and molded by our thoughts. Those whose minds are shaped by selfless thoughts give joy when they speak or act. Joy follows them like a shadow that never leaves them” ---Buddha---- Always rub Buddha's Belly 3 x for luck wink....

For all Coffee lovers and Java Junkies

WOW! Amazing story now all of us coffee lovers can live a little! My hubby tells me I drink to much well now I have the luxury of telling him its saving my life to have my java and drink it too... So don't feel one bit of guilty stopping into your favorite coffee shop... Continue Reading →


Gotta have them on a beautiful sunny day looking inconspicuous and sassy. Whether sunglasses or reading glasses they all prove to be sexy and classy eye candy. Yes, CAZALS from the 80's or Big Chanel frames with double CC's ya gotta love em and can't live without em....So put cha stunna shades on it's a... Continue Reading →

Savannah GA

When I think of sweet southern food and the draped trees in Forsyth Park that look like hanging tassles aligning the streets I think of Savannah Georgia. Crawdads and creole food to the bone! Many Geechie, Gullah and Indigenous Native Americans call Savannah home. Sitting right off the Atlantic ocean this city has its own... Continue Reading →

Statement Jewelry

Its all about Big,Bold and Chunky jewelry! Don't know about you but when I get dressed I am always ready to step out in jewelry that makes a statement. What a good way to add a little fun and accentuate your look with nothing other than breathtaking STATEMENT JEWELRY! So the next time you get... Continue Reading →

Hot steps!

With these finds if your going out on the town with your girls or heading out on a casual date, you will be able to pair these babies with anything cute and comfy. Add a lil pizazz to your feet in a colorful flat or funky platform heel for style and strut your stuff.....  ... Continue Reading →

Work that mane!

There is nothing like a good hair day! And there is nothing like a bad hair day I'm sure all women have experienced both. But the free styled fun and voluminous mane that looks naturally healthy, shiny and sophisticated expresses your appearance the most...Hair is the first thing a person sees when they look at... Continue Reading →

Beauty of United States

Take a beautiful tour and explore Art at the same time for free at the Los Angeles J.Paul Getty Museum you will be impressed. You can ejoy a view that is so mesmerizing to ones soul that overlooks Santa Monica,LA and Culver City. The oceanline is within a short view blowing in a sweet and... Continue Reading →

Stylish Shoes

What is your shoe game like? Are you even playing, a good pair of shoes is always a thrill and the best part is shopping for that new pair of feet huggers. The skate boot has started a fashion fun craze and if you like to stay tilted these will arch up that backside and... Continue Reading →

Fashion passion

Wow wee fashion! High waist jeans, thick belts, chuncky bangles, pretty print dresses,extra large earrings and still-let-toes! for a diva that's the way life goes......ooooh and girlfriend don't forget them super sexy leggings that clinches every curve paired with an over sized fitted top and BAM! so so hott.

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